GE Smart Phone Health Care Apps

GE has launched a partnership with MedHelp to provide a number of health related smart phone apps. You can see them listed here with links to be able to download the apps.

The website is part of GE’s healthymagination and the website says “Tracking your health is easier when it’s broken down to specific activities. I guess that provides GE’s answer to my question about whether we’ll have dozens of health related smart phone apps or one main one to rule them all.

Here’s a look at the GE and MedHelp smart phone apps (which seem to only be available for the iPhone):
I’m Expecting – Keep track of everything that’s happening to you and your baby with 24/7 access to your information both from your phone and online.

Sleep on It – Take control of your sleep patterns with this app that combines alarm clock functionality, sleep data, and health data.

Moody Me – Have more happy days! Track your mood, note what affects it, and record any treatments you’re taking to find out what makes you feel good and what makes you sad so you can better manage your mood.

My Diet Diary – Record your food and exercise routines to stay on track toward your weight loss goals. Share your progress on Facebook and MedHelp to get encouragement from friends!

Pregnancy, Sleeping, Moods and Dieting. An interesting combination to start off with. I have a feeling we’re just barely getting started with health apps.