mHealth App Infographic

Ozmosis recently posted a pretty interesting mHealth infographic. I’ve never met an infographic that I didn’t enjoy at least glancing over.

The stat that stood out to me the most was probably the one that says, “40% of doctors believe that mobile health technologies can reduce the number of office visits.” Although, this stat is a bit frustrating because it means that there’s potential to save office visits and we’re not doing much to change it so we don’t need an office visit.

The other one that hit me was that “88% of doctors would like their patients to monitor their health at home, particularly their weight, blood sugar, and vital signs.” I wonder a bit if this question was a bit biased since it offered things that doctors would like for patients to monitor at home. Although, that seems like a whole lot of doctors that want the patient home monitoring. A lot of the doctors I’ve spoken to can see benefits to doing so, but they’re also really concerned about how they’d deal with the influx of data.

Much more could be said, but that gets us started. Now for the full mHealth App Infographic.