Choose Friends Wisely – Your Eating Habits May Change – Infographic

My family and I always joke that we all love sweets because it’s hereditary. Well, it might just be because one of us liked sweets a lot…and the rest of us picked up the habit. In this infographic, it shows that eating is contagious. It is so true. The first line in this says “Obesity and healthiness can be contagious!” And I truly believe it. My son has an intolerance to chocolate, and since I nurse him, I’ve had to cut it out of my diet. Over the summer, my sister saw me doing that and decided that she wanted to cut chocolate out…just for the sheer fact that I felt healthier, and she wanted to as well. I’ve found that when I’m with other people who are eating unhealthy, I don’t feel as bad “pigging out,” but when I’m with more health conscious friends, I am very cautious about what I eat. Maybe when we pick our friends or spouse, we should observe their eating habits first!