Smartphones: A Clinical Trial Platform

In my daily browsing of interesting content, I came across this SlideShare presentation talking about mobile health and the use of smartphones in healthcare. The presentation coverss a lot of ground including the smartphone as a clinical trial platform. Check it out below:

Some of the quotes in the second half of the presentation are really insightful and thought provoking. Plus, who doesn’t like a great Dilbert cartoon? I’m still chewing on this quote: “The word LISTEN has the same letters as the word SILENT.”

I was also hit by the quote from Om Malik, “I live with a disease and my phone is as much a part of it as my meds.” Although, maybe I was a bit more struck by it since Om’s blog, GigaOm, got shut down this week after it ran out of money. Om’s doing fine since he’d left the company a while back and is a VC now. Either way, his quote gives an insight into what a powerful smartphone could do for health. This is why we started this blog.