Smart Pill Dispenser – PillBox

Marcin Michalak recently reached out to me about a Smart Pills Dispenser designed to make taking meds easier. They call it PillBox and have a kickstarter campaign you can support if you think it’s a good idea.

The PillBox is a smart pill dispenser which automatically delivers the drugs to the patient when needed at the appropriate time. It will also notify you when your drugs are running low. The app also tracks how well you’re doing at taking your medication. This is an ambitious project which requires both software and hardware. Although, I love the automation that they’re working on doing.

Speaking on a personal level, I know my wife would love to have something like this. She has to take a daily medication each morning. It would be nice to have a system that delivered her the medication each morning. In fact, it would help her remember if she’d taken the medication or not (a real challenge when you do it every day). Plus, she often forgets that she’s close to running out of meds, so a reminder would be really helpful.

One concern I’d have with the design they show is how they secure the medication that’s being dispensed. I can already imagine the PillBox dispensing the meds for my wife and my kids seeing it and thinking it’s candy. Hopefully there’s some sort of locking mechanism options for the medication to protect against that type of issue.

I’ve seen a bunch of medication compliance options out there. However, most of them suffer from some sort of cumbersome way to track the compliance. I really like the medication automation that PillBox is working on. I hope their Kickstarter campaign is successful.