Will We Be Sequencing Genomes at Home?

When I look at the digital health market, I see amazing things happening with wearable technology and digital health apps. I’m even enamored by how much impact the right text message at the right time can impact a person’s health. No doubt, I’m impressed by the simple solutions that seem obvious once someone’s actually implemented it.

While these are all impressive, I think nothing will have a bigger impact on our health than what’s happening with genomic medicine. What’s crazy to me is how quickly genomic sequencing has become accessible to everyone. The Medical Futurist, Berci Meskó, MD, PhD, shared this great National HUman Genome Research Institute chart which illustrates how quickly the cost to sequence a genome has dropped.

Cost of Genome Sequencing Over Time

In Berci’s post he suggests that one day soon it will cost more to mail in your sample than it costs to actually sequence your genome. Will we all have genomic sequencers in our homes like we all have thermometers today? Probably not, but given the cost curve we could if we wanted to have it.

This type of inexpensive genomic sequencing is going to change the way we’re treated by doctors. Given the pace of genomic sequencing, we’re certain to have all this genomic data before we really even know what to do with it. That’s normal since most innovations require us to have the data before we realize how that data can be used. In fact, the coolest innovations in the world often combined a whole series of small innovations. The same will be true as we extract value from our genomic data.

Have you sequenced your genome? Did it provide you any insights that were valuable to you?