Noninvasive 3D Heart Mapping System

Last week, Medtronic got FDA approval for their CardioInsight™ Mapping Vest.

I’ll admit that many of the technical details of the CardioInsight product are well above my health knowledge, but those that are interested should go and read Heather Mack’s article on mobihealthnews to get more detail.

What I do get is that this new FDA cleared device can create a 3D map of your heart using 252 electrode sensors and doesn’t require a doctor to insert a catheter to get a cardiac map of the heart. That’s pretty impressive technology and it’s great that it’s already been FDA cleared.

While I can see how this will be extremely valuable when identifying the origin of arrhythmias, I’m interested to see what other data this device will be able to collect and the insights that will come from that data. I also love that this non-invasive approach is much better for the patient on a number of levels including not having to have to spend time and be stressed over an invasive clinical procedure.

For a while, I’ve suggested that we’re still in the very early days of health sensors. This heart mapping vest seems to be a nice step forward in that progression. I can’t see us wearing one of these in our homes, but we may be able to use it discover what insights matter and develop consumer-based sensors that you would use in the home.

What will they think of next? Actually, that’s the most exciting part of working in digital health.