AliveCor Interview – Raises $30 Million

When I look across the mobile health ecosystem, one of the big winners is AliveCor. They’ve done an incredible job with their company and bringing their ECG readings to a much wider audience. The news recently came out that they’d raised their Series D round of investment of $30 million. As part of that announcement, my colleague Neil Versel from Meaningful Health IT News did an interview with the COO from AliveCor, Doug Biehn. You can check out the full interview below:

I hadn’t caught up with AliveCor for a while, so it was interesting to hear how much progress the company has made. Neil does a good job covering how AliveCor has been trying to figure out the balance between a consumer solution and a provider (FDA cleared) solution.

One of my favorite comments from the video above is when Neil asks about their new AlieCor platform and Doug Biehn says, “We’ve been launching new apps in the consumer space every 6 weeks for the past year, but this is our first big entree into the medical professional market.” I love this sort of iterative development in healthcare. While AliveCor does ECG, I think they’re just getting started. I’ll be interested to see what else comes out of this company as it continues to iterate and mature.