Companies Promoting Health Outcomes

If you’re interested in the world of Healthcare Rewards and the impact that rewards can have on healthcare, then you need to be following Michael G. Dermer’s blog. An example is his Health Reward State of the Day post.

He offers the stats associated with the answer to this question: How do you promote positive health outcomes at your company? and here are the responses:

  • Offer at Least One Wellness Program – 52.5%
  • Do Not Promote Any at This Time – 29.1%
  • Opportunity for Health Risk Assessment – 28.7%
  • Biometric Screening – 22.2%
  • Provide Incentives/Rewards for Certain Health-Related Tasks – 20.3%
  • Offer at Least One Disease Management Program – 19.5%
  • Other – 2.3%

In his passionate way, Michael was interested in the 20.3% that were using incentives/rewards to encourage health related tasks. I was personally interested in the full list. When I look at the mobile health ecosystem, many of the startup companies are focused on this problem. In fact, most of the programs that are represented in these stats are some sort of mobile health application.

The big takeaway from all of these stats: companies are interested in apps that improve health outcomes, but it’s still a market that hasn’t been fully tapped.

What do you think?