The Eatery: A Visual Food Diary

When it comes to food diary apps, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. I’ve featured several different food diaries in the past. While they all have certain interesting features, it ultimately comes down to one principle: add food throughout the day, and see how many calories you’ve eaten. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a mobile food diary. But for someone wanting to create a new one, it’s important to have a unique idea behind it.

The Eatery does just that. It’s not just a mobile app, but a health experiment as well. The difference between this and other food diaries, is that you don’t record calories, fat content, etc. You simply just take a picture. This video from the website describes it pretty well:

It is definitely an interesting concept, that’s for sure. I just wonder how effective it is, since you just are taking pictures of your food, rather than recording their health content. I know that I don’t always realize how many calories are in something until I look up the information online, so I’d hate to be taking pictures of food and putting them on the app, thinking they are healthy, when actuality, they are not. I guess that’s why they let other people rate your food, but I did see some people complain about people who rate all food as unhealthy, regardless of what it is.

I do like how it creates a graph, showing when you eat the most unhealthy foods. That could be very helpful if someone was trying to figure out what times of day are unhealthiest, and learn how to combat that.

This is a free app, and is available in the iTunes app store.